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Featured Product: DLI Thin Film Ceramic Filters

DLI has expanded its filter capability beyond microstrip bandpass designs.  Notch filters, lowpass and highpass filters, ceramic cavity filters, and various other filter types are now available.  All filters employ DLI's high-K ceramics which allow for great size reduction and unbelievable temperature stability compared to alumina and PWB materials. Solder surface mount and chip and wire filters are all possible.

Typical Filter Types:
Bandpass Filters from 30NGz - 67GHz
Lowpass Filters from 30MHz - 67GHz
Highpass Filters from 30MHz - 67GHz
Notch Filters from 30MHz - 67GHz
Duplexers and Diplexers from 1GHz - 30GHz
Cavity Filters from 6GHz - 25GHz

(Note:  67GHz is an artificially imposed limit currently set by the test equipment at DLI)

Typical Characteristics:
RF power handling up to 20 watts  (function of topology, BW and other variables)
Steep selectivity (number of poles) "n" -2 to 16 poles
Fractional bandwidths up to 80%
Low insertion loss
Flat amplitude ripple and group delay
Solder-surface mount designs
Chip and wire designs

Typical Filter Topologies:
End Coupled
Edge Coupled
Hair Pin
Edge-End Coupled
Combline and Pseudocombline
Dual Mode


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