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Directions MHz Marketing

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Directions, with map, to our office in Glenwood are below.  Should you wish to stay close to our office, MHz Marketing has a Corporate Membership  Agreement with Turf Valley Resorts (www.turfvalley.com) 410-423-0800,  located just minutes from our office in Ellicott City.   Please contact our Office Manager, Nancy Nathanson, for the reservation code to use while booking your stay at the resort.  This will allow you to take advantage of our special rate.  Nancy can be reached at 866-649-6584 x20 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Directions from BWI airport to our office in Glenwood:

1. Start going toward the AIRPORT EXIT on I-195 E go 0.8 mi 0.8 mi
2. Bear LEFT on I-195 W go 4.2 mi 5.0 mi
3. Take exit #4A/BALTIMORE onto I-95 N go 2.2 mi 7.2 mi
4. Take LEFT exit #49B/TOWSON (I-83) onto I-695 N
go 5.3 mi 12.5 mi
5. Take exit #16/FREDERICK/PARK & RIDE onto I-70 W toward FREDERICK
go 15.5 mi 28.0 mi
6. Take exit #76/WESTMINSTER/OLNEY go 0.4 mi 28.4 mi
7. Turn LEFT on MD-97 S go 3.1 mi 31.5 mi
8. Arrive at 3060 MD-97, GLENWOOD, on the RIGHT
b.3060 MD-97, GLENWOOD, MD


MHz Marketing is excited to announce the addition of Knowles Capacitors to our Metro NY and N.NJ territory. We have also added Dielectric Labs and Voltronics to our Eastern PA and S.NJ territory.