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John Stilling's Line Card

Hermetically Seal Packages, Glass to metal seals, and High Temp Co-fired Ceramic Packages

Custom / Standard Microwave and RF Coaxial Connectors including, GPO, GPPO, G3PO, GMS, N, TNC, BNC, F and various Test Adaptors.

Military / Commercial Electrical Connectors, Fiber Optics Connectors & Assemblies, Gold Dot Flex Connectors.

Coaxial Cable and Assemblies, Microwave/RF Flexible Cable to 50GHz, Microwave/RF Semi-Rigid Cable to 50GHz, RF Flexible Coaxial Cables.

Electrical & Mixed Signal Assemblies and Harnesses, Custom Connectors& Backshells

MHz Marketing is excited to announce the addition of Knowles Capacitors to our Metro NY and N.NJ territory. We have also added Dielectric Labs and Voltronics to our Eastern PA and S.NJ territory.